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“Our Greatest Natural Resource is the Minds of our Children” – Walt E Disney

Our endeavour is to support parents in this journey of excellence of their growing children towards quality of learning. We are talking about a generations of kids who are multi-talented, lesser attentions span, needing more emotional connects digitally. How are the parents going to really connect, motivate and encourage these children into effective learning.Games are a more natural way to LEARN than traditional classroom. It is the use of game-thinking and game mechanics in a non-game context that would engage younger generations to learn and apply.
In the past decade, the digital revolution has brought a profound impact on every aspect of our lives.

· What are the emerging digital technologies that are going to have an impact on K-12 learning?
· What will be trends in the coming years? ·
· How are we going to cope up and leverage these technologies to make our children flourish and have meaning and purpose?

Come and join us for a lively discussion by academicians Ashok and Dolly.This is a Unique Seminar for Parents by couple of Parents themselves.

Gateway Management Proudly presents:

"The Digital Future: Reimagining K-12 Learning"

Dated 21st November – Saturday @ Chennai.Exact venue to be communicated soon.
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Training Courses


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"The Digital Future: Reimagining K-12 Learning"
A unique seminar for parents

Dated 21st November – Saturday @ Chennai.

In this ever changing business landscape, coupled with the growing business challenges and employee motivation there is need for HR Professionals to be agents of change. It is at this Juncture Gateway Management & Consultancy Ltd. would like to present a unique seminar that could potentially bridge the business needs and stakeholders expectations.

As HR Professionals it is becoming increasingly important for us to be positive, Dynamic, Vibrant and proactive in understanding the business challenges from a Human resources perspective and address these challenges.

Gateway Management & Consultancy would like to present an unique Seminar "Bridging the Dynamic Business Needs" 31st October, Leading HR Leader Mr. Deepak - Senior Manager HR from a Leading Services Industry. would be presenting the seminar address.

This will be a full day seminar filled with loads of knowledge to be shared across professionals and experts. Followed by a networking lunch and 2nd half if the day would be an activity based learning to keep your energy levels intact.

Fees will be applicable.