Gateway exploded into the event management scene less than a decade ago, but has been shaping up the entertainment landscape with its impressive clientele, spectacular sets, magnificent shows and never-before-thought-of concepts.

Gateway Events is responsible for conducting and managing events manually. Every operation done under manual and time consuming starting from planning, designing, implementing and finally getting the result however, with the fast pacing world where everything is moving fast and technological; opting for web based event management is worth a shot.

Gateway Events is the process of assembling the business logic into describing events, communicating events and handling the events. In software systems, events are created, prioritized, and managed by the software developers who often have no idea of business priorities and concerns; business event management takes a different approach on traditional event management. It mainly requires an intellectual interaction and cooperation with the business stakeholders as well as software development and IT management professionals.

Our basic idea is to help you to be free from all kinds of tensions like managing different vendors & contractors at the same time. When you are most wanted by your dear ones or team, then you may be mentally preoccupied by worrying about the entire program. Quite often many small details may be ignored or forgotten that results in last minutes running.

Event Management

  • Corporate Events
  • Theme Party Planning
  • New Year party
  • Event Planner
  • Wedding Planner
  • Wedding Events
  • Title lounge
  • Brand promotion